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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended hardware and software requirements for viewing this web site?

This web site requires a cookie-enabled and JavaScript-enabled browser. Cookies are used for session management and preference storage only. This web site has been tested with major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome on desktops and tablets, but be aware bugs may exist in newly released (or unpatched) versions that may cause problems accessing this site.

To whom should I send questions?

Please see the contact information on the First-Time user page.

How do I search?

The best way to search is to follow the directions on the ?(Help) link at the top of screen that you are working in. For example, if you are going to do an Real Estate search, for more information on that process, use the ?(Help) link on any index screen. Each Help section gives detailed instructions on how to function on the page you are on.

I got an error message: “Warning! Row-count/return rows mistmatch; please notify support, data may be inconsistent!” What do I do?

First try clicking on the ‘get full count now' or 'count again' link. If that doesn’t get rid of the error message, or if the message persists, contact the County for further assistance.

When I attempt to submit a records search, or when I attempt to change and save preferences I am automatically sent back to the first page of the web site; Why is this?

Use of this Web Site Requires a Cookie-Enabled Browser. Cookies are very short text files that are saved on the user's computer. These cookies help to speed up searches, and allow the user to control the appearance (size and color) of text. Use of cookies does not allow this system to gather or track any information about the user or what records the user has viewed.
To Learn more about cookies and perform a test to verify that your Web Browser is currently set to allow cookies Click Here

What is the least amount of criteria necessary to initiate a valid search?

At least one field must be entered, but sometime to search on one field, you must enter criteria for another. An error message will appear when attempting to perform a search in these cases. Keep in mind that names must be spelled as indexed; however the more criteria entered, the more limited the search, and all of the information entered must be correct. On the other hand, searching on last names, such as Smith, Jones, Johnson, or any name or criteria that could conceivably yield a high number of documents will take a longer time.

How can I limit my search to a particular document type?

Click on the down arrow to the right of the Document Type list box and select the type of document that you want from the drop-down list. You can also type the first letter of the document type, then use the arrow keys to navigate to the one that you want. For example, in the Real Estate screen, if you type the letter "D", you will go to "Declaration", and from there you can use the arrow keys to scroll down through the "Ds" to "Deed".

How can I navigate through the search fields without using the mouse?

You can move from field to field on the search screen by using the TAB key, entering your search criteria when the pertinent field box is highlighted or the cursor appears in it. When all criteria has been entered, tab to the 'Search' button, press the ENTER key or space bar to initiate your search.

When I do a search, it takes an extremely long time to respond. How do I increase the speed?

Response times are dependent upon connection speed (e.g. the speed of your modem or network) and demand on the web server. If the server is experiencing a high level of traffic (with individuals downloading multiple images), the software will appear to slow down. You can increase the speed by upgrading modem speed (56K is optimal) or talk to the network administrator that provides your connection.

Why does "Unofficial Document" appear across the images?

The images provided by this office are a public service to the residents of the county and the general public. While the images available on the Internet are kept up to date, this office does not certify the authenticity of the information provided there. You can obtain official records by visiting our office in person.

Why can’t I press the "back" button when viewing an image?

Depending on the version of your browser, you might be prompted to use an external viewer for the images you want to view. Because another piece of software is used (other than the browser), you will not have the same options as are available with your browser. To continue searching, you can shut down the external viewer (when you are finished viewing the image) and return to your browser.

When I am in images there is no exit and when I click on the "back" button, I am instructed to click on "reload". Why is this?

The back button on your browser retrieves the previous document from your cache (a memory section in your browser software). In order to see your results, the browser needs to re-input the information you put in the blanks from an earlier page. The browser does not supply it when the back function is used, so you have to resubmit the request using reload.

Why must I press the "reload" button or why do I get "data missing" when I press the back key?

Occasionally, you will get a screen that gives a "Data Missing" error when you press the "back" button on your browser. The message instructs you to press your "reload" or "refresh" button on your browser to continue. This is a function of the browser. Your browser holds on to information (called a cache) and it occasionally needs to be refreshed.

I have the ability to save an image while viewing. Will this save the image on the server?

No. Any image you view on your computer is your personal copy. If you save the image, you will be prompted to find a place to save it on your hard drive.

How do I print an entire document and all the pages of an image?

When you have the image that you want on your screen (using either the TIFF or PDF format), to go ‘file’ in the menu bar and click ‘print’. Your printer choices should let you choose the number of pages to print.

How do I get back to my search results page without pressing "back"?

You can go back to your search results by clicking on the "Search Results" link near the top of the screen. Your search results will be saved from the previous search.

How do I start a new search?

Click on the "New Search" link and put in new search criteria.

Why do search results from a previous search appear when I enter new search criteria?

This is due to the settings on some types of browsers. This problem usually does not occur with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x and later versions, but it sometimes occurs with Netscape Communicator 4.x and later versions. In Netscape, you can click on "Edit" in your title bar menu and go to "Preferences". Under "Advanced" and "Cache" set your browser to compare to a document on the network at various times. You will need to set this to "Every Time" if you are encountering this particular problem. If the problem persists, you can bring up the results of your most recent search by clicking "Reload" in your browser.

Why are there only 500 (or fewer) records returned for my search when I know there are more?

In the interest of fast response time, the software will first retrieve information for only a certain number of documents (dependant on module). A link is provided to calculate how many total records match your search. If the criteria is not specific enough, this request may take a long time to complete.



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